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Improve your digital literacy skills with these free resources, including: workbooks, activities, video lessons, and online courses from the ABC Skills Hub online learning platform. These tools will help you get started using digital devices and learn popular applications you can use on your phone, tablet or computer.

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Learn how to use your Smartphone and touchscreen device

Device Gestures

Learn how to use your finger to tell your touchscreen device what to do.

Device Settings

Learn how to adjust the brightness, text, volume and alerts on your Smartphone.

Find accessibility tools and assistive technology

Accessibility Settings for Apple iOS

Learn how to change the accessibility settings on your Apple device.

Learn new computer skills

Using a mouse

Learn tips for using a mouse with your computer.

Learn how to be safe online

Getting started online

Learn about the Internet and how to keep yourself safe.

Learn how to use email

Learn how to use Google tools

Communicate with others and use social networks

Find a new job

Play games, watch videos, and listen to music

Android or iOS? Not sure what kind of device you're using? We can help!

Your device, such as a smartphone or tablet, runs on either an Android or iOS operating system. An operating system is the software program that makes a device run. Android and iOS devices work a little differently and it’s important to know which operating system you’re using.

If you have a smartphone or tablet made by Samsung, Google, LG, or Motorola, you have an Android device.

If you have an Apple iPhone or iPad, you have an iOS device.

The ABC Connect for Learning resources are for use at home and in workshops and activities that are also free for participants. Resources are not to be used for commercial purposes.