ABC Life Literacy


ABC Connect for Learning is a digital literacy program that offers free resources to those looking to improve their digital skills. Whether you’re just getting started with the Internet or looking to learn about new technology, ABC Connect for Learning offers something for everyone.

Learners can choose to download resources for learning at home on their own time. They can also choose to sign up for the ABC Skills Hub to learn online.

Literacy practitioners can bring these digital literacy resources to their community by hosting a workshop. Workshops can be held virtually or in person. You can choose to run as many workshops as you’d like.

Simply sign up to host a workshop and you’ll be connected with your regional representative to get started.

Special thanks to Youth Empowering Parents for collaborating on the development of resources and helping to bring the program to underserved communities across Canada.


“I am glad to host this program and I am sure it will be a success.” – Facilitator

“I believe this program will give them [the learners] confidence and independence, it will make their life much easier.” – Facilitator

“A lot of our clientele live alone and are not familiar with using phones or computers, so having a space for them to talk and explore new things was incredible!” – Facilitator

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This project has been partly funded by the Government of Canada through the Digital Literacy Exchange Program.